L’industrie de la chaîne du froid en Inde

L'industrie indienne de la chaîne du froid est actuellement valorisée à environ 2,9 milliards d'euros, avec un taux de croissance d'environ 18% sur les 3 dernières années.
Change in lifestyle and demand for processed or packaged food is creating the need for cold storage solutions across India.

Following an information received from ReportLinker, the cold chain industry in India is currently valued at INR 245bn (about USD 4billion) in fiscal year 2013 and has been growing at about 18% for the last three years.

India, the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables (about 200 million metric tonnes), has a very limited integrated cold-chain infrastructure with only about 5,400 stand-alone cold storages with a total capacity of about 23.6 million metric tonnes.

By fiscal year 2017, the industry will be worth approximately INR 520bn (about USD 10billion) with a  CAGR growth of about 20%.
As of 2010, surface storage warehousing capacity in India is around 23.6 million metric tonnes, private sector cold storages account for a capacity of 22.24 million metric tonnes; cooperative sector for 1.88 million metric tonnes; while the public sector accounts for 0.47 million metric tonnes.

Surface storage in the cold chain industry is set to reach 95 million metric tonnes by 2017.