L’industrie de la chaîne du froid en Inde – Une vue d’ensemble

Le marché de la chaîne du froid en Inde s'est élevé à environ 2,9 milliards de dollars américains durant la période 2013-2014.
India is the second largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world with production of  81.3 million MT and 162.2 million MT respectively, but its share in global export of fruit and vegetables is around only 1.4%. Approximately 18% of fruits and vegetables get wasted in the country. This is mainly caused due to lack of cold chain infrastructure which includes both storage and transportation facilities.

Key figures:

-    India’s cold chain sector was estimated at INR 175-177 billion (~USD 2.9 billion)
during 2013-14
-    88-90% of market share is with the Temperature Controlled Warehouses (INR
162 billion (USD 2.7 billion); 6500+ stores, 30.4 million MT Capacity)
-    Remaining 10-12% comprises of Temperature Controlled Vehicles (INR 13-14
billion (~USD 0.2 billion); 8000+ vehicles).
-    Its highly fragmented industry and unorganised sector accounts for an
estimated 80-85% share of the total capacity.
-    Wholesalers and organised retailers are the key user segments of cold chain
services with a share of 70-75% and 10-15% respectively.
-    Currently, about 68% of the total cold storage capacity is concentrated in the
states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, wherein storage of potatoes
accounts for 85-90% of the capacity.
-    Potatoes accounted for 68% of total volumes handled followed by multipurpose
storage which accounted for 30%. In value terms, multipurpose stores have the
largest share of 77% while the share of potatoes was a mere 17%.

Source : YES Bank- Dutch Embassy Collaborative Study