L'utilisation du CO2 en progression

Une publication récente de Shecco montre qu'en 2013, 2885 systèmes au CO2 transcritique étaient en fonctionnement en Europe (3100 au niveau mondial), soit une augmentation de 17% par rapport à 2011.
The Shecco Guide 2014: Natural Refrigerants Continued Growth & Innovation in Europe shows that to date (2013), there are 2885 CO2 transcritical (TC) systems installed in Europe (3100+ installations worldwide), a significant increase of 117% compared to 2011 records of 1330.

In 2013, the country with the most installations is Denmark (712), followed by the United Kingdom (441), Germany (429), Switzerland (373), Norway (310) and Sweden (266). France has the highest growth of TC installations from 2 in 2011 to 17 in 2013.
Outside Europe, Japan is the TC leader with 129 installations followed by Canada (65+) and South Africa (17).

In terms of CO2/HFC cascade systems installed in Europe, the data shows a total of 1638 – including 314 in Hungary, 242 in Poland and 199 in Luxembourg – compared to 19 CO2/ammonia cascade systems and 5 CO2/hydrocarbons cascade systems.
Outside Europe, Australia has the highest number of CO2 cascade systems (160) followed by USA (102), Brazil and Japan (40 each).

Source: Shecco