La Commmission Européenne adopte une proposition relative à la ratification de l'accord de Kigali.

La Commission Européenne encourage une rapide mise en oeuvre de l'accord de Kigali.
On February 2, 2017, the European Commission adopted a proposal for the European Union (EU) to ratify the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol on a global phase-down of HFCs as soon as possible. Indeed, the Kigali Amendment will be implemented in January 2019, if at least 20 parties have deposited their instruments of ratification. The ratification by the European Union could therefore immediately trigger the implementation of the amendment, because the 28 EU countries count as separate parties to the amendment. Furthermore, the European Union wishes to pave the way to encourage developing countries to take early action.

The commission’s proposed decision on ratification of the Kigali Amendment must now be formally approved by the governments of the EU’s member countries.

The proposal is available in English following this link.