La croissance des boulangeries industrielles s'envole grâce aux entrepôts frigorifiques en silo.

Viera's Bakery a choisi les rayonnages à palettes de la société Steel King pour augmenter sa capacité de stockage.
Vieira’s Bakery, a bakery from New-Jersey producing European-style bread, needed more frozen storage capacity to store its products. Moreover, adding freezer capacity was essential before implementing an additional production line to increase the productivity of the bakery.

Carlos Vieira, founder and president of Vieira’s Bakery, asked industry specialists for help: Daryl Hull, a consultant, and Steel King Industries, a pallet rack manufacturer.

This resulted in the elaboration of a rack supported pushback-rack structure that added about 750 m2 of storage space and 1,200 double-high pallet positions.

The rack-supported structure required exceptional strength to support up the pallets as well as the weight of numerous freezer units, the insulated panels, and the structure's outside walls.

 Because of the efficient use of space, the rack-supported structure was built in a corner of Vieira’s existing land, right up against his property line. The structure was finished and ready to use within eight weeks. Once the new structure was finished, a hole was cut in the wall of the existing freezer area to create a pass-through for lift trucks to enter the new freezer space.
“The rack-supported option was easier and much more cost-effective than having to ... erect a new building and then install new rack inside”, concluded Carlos Vieira in an article from Refrigeration and Frozen Food.

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