Le marché allemand des crèmes glacées est le plus important d'Europe (en anglais)

Le marché allemand des crèmes glacées, d'une valeur de 2.01 milliards d'euros, est le plus important d'Europe.
The German ice-cream market is the most valuable in Europe, worth 2.01 billion € in 2013, according to market research firm Canadean.

Last year Germany produced a staggering 627 million litres of ice cream, according to the website markeneis.de. Of that, 80% was produced industrially, 17% commercially and the remaining 3% for the soft-serve sector.

It is older people, not children, who are driving the category forward.  Consumers aged 55 and older account for almost 40% of consumption, although they only make up a third of the population. By contrast, Germans under 18 only gobble up 15% of all that ice cream.