Le marché des produits de boulangerie congelés atteindra 32.5 milliards de dollars en 2018

Le marché des produits de boulangerie congelés devrait atteindre 32.5 milliards de dollars en 2018, avec un taux de croissance annuel moyen de 7,1% sur la période considérée. (en anglais).
According to a new market research report proposed by ReportLinker, the frozen bakery market is estimated to reach USD 32,505.2 million by 2018, with a CAGR of 7.1% for the forecast period. In 2012, Europe led the frozen bakery market in terms of value, followed by North America and the Asia-Pacific region. The European region constitutes the largest market followed by North America, with the United States commanding the leading share in this industry. The Asia-Pacific region is estimated to witness the fastest growth in the market. The rest of the world is expected to be the second fastest growing market. The convenience factor is the major reason for the growth of frozen bakery products along with the changing life-style of the population. In terms of the types, frozen pizza crust dominates the market followed by frozen breads. The global frozen bakery market accounts for almost 8% of the total frozen food market.