Le marché mondial de l'équipement frigorifique.

Le JARN évalue le marché mondial du froid à 90 milliards de dollars en 2015.
By taking into account the cost of equipment, construction and services, JARN predicts that the global refrigeration market value amounted to USD 90 billion in 2015, with commercial applications representing 63.3%, industrial applications 31.1% and transportation 5.6%.
Regarding commercial applications, by considering refrigeration equipment only, the global market value amounted to USD 38 billion with refrigerated display cases representing 49%, beverage coolers 14%, ice machines 8% and vending machines 6%. In terms of regions, North America is the largest market, accounting to 32.8% of the global commercial refrigeration market, followed by Europe (24.2%) and Asia (23.9%). However, it is the explosive growth in several Asian countries including China and India that has boosted the development of the global market.