Le plan de préservation de la fabrique de glace de Grimsby

Une partie des équipements historiques de l'ancienne usine de fabrication de glace de Grimsby va être démantelée dans le cadre des travaux de remise en état pour éviter d'endommager davantage le bâtiment en ruine.


The former ice factory of Grimsby, England, was built in 1901 and is a sole surviving example of an ice-making factory of its kind. It was threatened to be demolished but several actions were conducted to save the building:

  • In 2011, an appraisal of the existing structure and conservation by Alan Baxter & Associates LLP, with Richard Griffiths Architects, and KMCS (cost consultant) evaluated temporary works at GBP 1 516 000 (1 768 826 €) and full repair at GBP 4 750 000 (5 543 639 €). GGIFT proposes that the Ice Factory refurbishment project should take place within the context of a working dock and a revitalized urban neighbourhood (east Marsh and Riby Square), with improved accessibility and the original building also housing an international arts venue, an indoor climbing wall, a renewable-education education centre, a microbrewery and a Pub/restaurant. See IIR news Plans to save Grimsby Ice Factory.
  • In 2018, Europa Nostra, the leading heritage organization in Europe, and the European Investment Bank Institute have included the Grimsby Ice Factory in its seven most threatened heritage sites in Europe. See IIR news Grimsby Ice Factory on Europe's "most at risk" list.
  • In November 2021, an application for listed building consent submitted by developer Tom Shutes was granted by North East Lincolnshire Council subject to a number of conditions:

    The plans to make the 120-year-old building wind and watertight include the insertion of metal security doors and timber boards to the ground floor level and upper openings, the replacement of existing glass from windows with translucent Perspex, the repair/replacement of parts of the roof and roof structure and the replacement of existing rainwater gutters and downpipes.

    According to the developers, the roof repairs will require the removal of some internal machinery to gain access. This includes the removal of three ice tanks and part of a further ice tank. 

Source: Cooling Post.