Le plus gros entrepôt frigorifique d' Amérique du Nord (en anglais)

En cours de construction à Richland (USA), cet entrepôt présente plusieurs particularités en termes de taille et de sécurité contre l'incendie.
Currently under construction in Richland, in the US state of Washington, a refrigerated warehouse will have several merits upon completion in July 2015.

According to Preferred Freezer Services, which commissioned the building, it will be the largest refrigerated warehouse in North America, housing the biggest automated freezer system in the world. The 42,300 m2 warehouse (equivalent to about 8 football fields) is 35 m tall and is expected to handle over 900,000 tons of frozen food per year.

It will also be the first warehouse in North America to use a nitrogen-based oxygen-reduction system as its main fire prevention mechanism. Most fires in logistics’ operations are caused by defects in electrical equipment present in nearly all warehouses.

Oxygen reduction systems employ innovative technology that continuously reduce oxygen levels in a room by adding nitrogen to the air. The oxygen is reduced to a level in which most combustibles cannot ignite and an open fire is impossible.