Le système frigorifique d'un supermarché français a été converti au CO2 sans nécessiter la fermeture du magasin (en anglais)

Le distributeur français Intermarché a remplacé son installation au R404A par un système au CO2 transcritique à Montmagny, près de Paris.

Last summer, an Intermarché store in the town of Montmagny, near Paris, installed the first transcritical CO2 system in the Ile de France region.

The Intermarché store’s new CO2 plant – involving Danish system manufacturer Advansor – replaced the existing R404A-based installation. Brand new CO2 -cooled closed cabinets were installed in mid-2017. The project also involved replacing all the evaporators. French contractor ALM Froid installed the whole system. All of this was achieved without closing down the store. This system was chosen to reduce the supermarket's energy consumption and to comply with the EU F-Gas Regulation.

Source : R744.com. For further information, please follow the link below.