Les communications des conférences de l'IIF sont sur Scopus !

Les communications des trois conférences de l'IIF tenues en 2016 sont en ligne sur Scopus. Téléchagez-les !
Since 2014, the IIR has started the indexation of the IIR conferences/congress papers in Scopus and Web of Science (WoS). Scopus and Web of Science are abstract and citation databases developed by Elsevier and Thomson Reuters respectively.

From Scopus, it is now possible to download the papers of ICCRT2016, ICCC2016 and PCM2016 conferences indexed in Fridoc.

To do so :
- Go to http://www.scopus.com/, insert 01511637 in the search engine box for the ISSN.
- Select 2016 to restrict the search.
- Select the wanted article and press on “View at Publisher” or “Full Text” to be able to download the article through Fridoc.
University libraries have generally a subscription agreement with Scopus that allows students and staff members to access Scopus free of charge.