Les ventes de conditionneurs d'air au R290 en Inde dépassent 100.000 unités

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing a démarré la production des premiers conditionneurs d'air "split" en Inde en Mars 2012.
Cumulative sales of air conditioners using R290 (propane) in India reached 100,000 units in October 2014.

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing started the production of India’s first commercially available R290 split air conditioners in March 2012. They were developed with the cooperation of GIZ and India’s Ministry of Environmental and Forests.

The 1.5 RT (5.3kW) Godrej’s 5-star R290 air conditioner – most widely used capacity in India – is said to consume 20% less energy than other 5-star models in the Indian market.