Nouveauté dans la technologie des tours de refroidissement (en anglais)

Ce procédé garantit davantage de sécurité et d'efficacité en combinant les meilleures technologies utilisées dans les tours de refroidissement humides et sèches.
Dais Analytic company has tested a new cooling tower technology named PolyCool. It has the potential to reduce germ-infested water and to be more efficient than traditional process.

Two forms of cooling towers are generally used. Wet cooling tower evacuates heated water onto a thin film to accelerate evaporation. Frequently, dirty water escapes from the process into the clean water supply and maintenance costs are high. Dry cooling towers use a barrier material to separate the working fluid. It prevents the release of water droplets potentially contaminated into the air but it reduces efficiency.

PolyCool is a hybrid product. A solid Aqualyte nanotechnology membrane keeps the working fluid isolated, allowing to reduce bacterial transmission and fouling. According company, this process offers greater safety and efficiencies combining the best of wet and dry cooling tower technologies.