Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF : EPEE (en anglais)

Le Partenariat européen pour l'énergie et l'environnement (EPEE) annonce l'organisation d'un groupe de travail sur la limitation des émissions pour soutenir le Règlement Européen "F-gaz" .
The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) says it will set up a low emissions task force as one of a number of new measures to support Europe’s F-gas regulation.

Following the UN Climate Summit, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), benefactor member of the IIR, issued a pledge in which the European refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry commits to taking concrete, proactive action to facilitate the implementation of the EU F-gas Regulation.

“EPEE members are determined to make the EU’s new F-gas rules work and are ready to help the EU and its Member States reach their targets and ensure that Europe remains a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said EPEE Director General Andrea Voigt.

The commitments focus on two main areas. The first one is education to raise awareness and promote regulation. The second focus area is tackling the barriers towards lower emissions technologies.

EPEE’s education commitments include organising regular and tailored events to raise awareness of the new rules, developing specific communication tools to enhance the industry’s understanding of its new obligations, and increasing cooperation with installers, owners, and schools to ensure all parts of the chain understand their responsibilities.

It will also set up a Low Emissions Task Force to examine how to overcome barriers which prevent the uptake of low emissions technologies, as well as monitor the effectiveness of the EU F-gas Regulation and raise global awareness.