Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF: le système sans moteur de Carrier Transicold pour camions frigorifiques (en anglais)

Carrier Transicold, membre collectif de l'IIF, fournit un système respectueux de l'environnement qui évite l'utilisation d'un deuxième moteur pour alimenter le compresseur des groupes frigorifiques des camions.

IIR corporate member Carrier Transicold provides an environmentally friendly system that avoids the use of a second engine to power the refrigeration compressor of reefer units. The system is driven by a generator called Eco-Drive GenSet, which is powered by a hydraulic variable displacement pump connected to the truck’s engine by a power take-off (PTO).


Thanks to the PTO, as soon as the truck engine runs, the hydraulic pump turns on. The mechanical energy of the engine is transformed into a hydraulic flow and then into mechanical energy again, to power the Eco-Drive GenSet. The Eco-Drive is composed of a hydraulic engine coupled to a generator. It is installed on the vehicle chassis.


The hydraulic variable displacement pump ensures a constant flow, whatever the engine speed, providing constant power to the Eco-Drive, which provides a continual cooling capacity of up to 18,000 W to the reefer unit. The refrigerating circuits are fed by fully hermetic scroll compressors. The system can also be used on trailer trucks, in addition to a classical system where a second engine ensures refrigeration when the truck is parked or when the trailer is unhitched.


The system is already commercialised in Europe, and the British supermarket chain Tesco is currently running an 8-year trial on two reefer units.


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