Quelques chiffres sur la chaîne du froid en Chine

Plus d'un million de produits périssables sont consommés chaque année en Chine, dont 50% sont transportés par la chaîne du froid.
Over 1 billion of perishable food is consumed in China every year, of this over 50% needs to be transported by cold chain, according to JARN. However, the integrated cold chain circulation rate now comes to only 19%, and agricultural goods are seeing a high rate of loss.
The loss rate for fruits and vegetable reaches RMB 100 billion (USD 14.5 billion) every year. In 2015, the operational number of refrigerated car broke 90,000 units, showing 18.4% year-on-year increase.
While substantial, this growth is still too low to address market demands.

JARN, February 25, 2017