Quoi de neuf à propos du projet Européen FRISBEE ?

Dans ce numéro, deux sujets d'actualité: l'essai sur l'amélioration des performances des réfrigérateurs et le suivi de la chaîne du froid alimentaire dans les marchés européens. (en anglais)

Increase the performance of the refrigerator: test phase is running

The test to increase the performance of the refrigerator have been started. Using PCM and heat pipes will help to reduce temperature fluctuations and reduce power consumption.

Field test monitoring of the food cold chain in European Markets

Two focused field tests were performed in Greece and France in order to collect time-temperature data of the complete cold chain of chilled meat products: vacuum packed smoked turkey slices and modified atmosphere sliced, cooked ham.

Developing novel breakthrough technologies: VIPs and nanoparticles

VIPs are already used in some specialist applications where minimal energy consumption is important and space is at a premium.

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