Royaume Uni: 50% des utilisateurs d'installations frigorifiques ne respecteraient pas les prescriptions du Règlement F-gaz.

DE nombreux propriétaires d'équipements frigorifiques pensent qu'ils sont couverts vis à vis du Règlement F-gaz dès lors qu'ils ont un contrat de maintenance avec une entreprise certifiée.
According to Cool-Therm, a UK-based company offering independent audits on the EU F-gas Regulation compliance, around half of all end-users operating refrigeration and air conditioning plants could be risking legal action by failing to comply with the F-gas Regulation.

On site F-gas records are at best inconsistent or poorly presented, with no annual summary or management review, and at worst non-existent, violating current legislation.

Many equipment owners believe that because they have a maintenance contract with an F-gas registered service company, they are fully covered in terms of F-gas compliance.
However, the regulation establishes specific responsibilities for equipment owners, for record keeping as well as physical leak checks, for which they are legally accountable.