Thin Ice: la première ligne de vêtements qui fait perdre du poids (en anglais)

Selon son créateur, les vêtements réfrigérés trompent l'organisme afin de lui faire brûler jusqu'à 1000 calories supplémentaires par jour. (en anglais)
According to its creator, weight-loss clothing 'hacks' human metabolism to trick the body into burning up to 1,000 extra calories a day.

The hi-tech clothing, which includes vests and insoles, was created by Toronto-based personal trainer and former athlete Adam Paulin.

The Thin Ice and clothes 'hacks' human body's metabolism to make it burn more calories. When the temperature drops, the body compensates to warm up, and this process can burn calories, according to its creator. Paulin claims that around 50% of daily calorie intake is used on maintaining body temperature, so slightly altering it can lead to a lot of energy expenditure.

The Thin Ice clothing range uses Peltier cooling chips on parts of the skin that contain high concentrations of heat receptors. Peltier chips are often used to cool technology that requires a compact cooling system, like microprocessors used in various electronics.

The chips are powered by a rechargeable battery, and the heat generated by them as they take it away from the body is dissipated through the outside of the clothes, according to Paulin.

By stimulating specific parts of the foot and abdomen, rather than the whole foot or chest, ensures that there is less discomfort while maintaining a substantial metabolic response, Paulin claims.

This targeting of heat receptors also means that people won't shiver all day with the vest on.  According to Paulin, while the clothing lowers body temperature, the sensation won’t be felt beyond an initial adaptation period of a few seconds. The sensation is likened to jumping into a cold swimming pool, and if required, it is always possible to adjust the temperature of Thin Ice clothing via smartphone to accommodate comfort level, said Paulin.

Adam Paulin is currently raising money on the crowdfunding site to bring his creation to the public, and customers can reserve their own insole or vest for USD 99 . Shipping of the clothing range is expected to begin in December, and the crowdfunding has already exceeded its target.