Un hôtel de glace grâce au refroidissement solaire.

Un hôtel de glace a ouvert dans le nord de la Suède en novembre 2016.
In Northern Sweden, Icehotel 365, a permanent ice hotel, opened in November 2016.

The 2,100 m2 facility will be filled with ice and snow from the Torne River. Icehotel 365 will include 9 luxury suites, each with sauna and bathroom, and 11 art suites, all sculptured by selected artists. As well as a large ice bar and an ice gallery.

The temperature will be -5°C year round in the new building, and the refrigeration unit that keeps Icehotel 365 cold during the summer runs on energy from a solar cell facility currently under construction at Icehotel. Jukkasjärvi is 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and in summer the sun remains above the horizon for 100 consecutive days.