Un "mini-réfrigérateur" portable pour maîtriser la température des vaccins. (En anglais.)

Un nouveau système, du nom d'Isobar, est spécifiquement conçu pour conserver une température stable entre 2 et 8°C, jusqu'à 30 jours.
22-year-old designer Will Broadway has developed a portable cooling system that can keep vaccines at the ideal temperature while they are transported across developing countries.
Today, ice or cold packs are generally used, which can freeze the vaccine to a temperature lower than considered thermally stable, and leads to vaccines losing potency. This new system, called Isobar, is specifically designed to maintain stable temperature control between 2 and 8°C, up to 30 days.
The system is inspired by the 2-phase ammonia-water absorption refrigeration invented notably by Albert Einstein. The Isobar works through heating ammonia and water, resulting in evaporation, which provides a powerful endothermic cooling effect. This cooling effect is then maintained in a separate chamber and released by an automated valve that monitors the internal temperature. The heating element can be recharged within an hour using either electricity or a propane burner in emergency situations when a power supply is not available.
Will Broadway has been granted the UK national winner of the James Dyson Award, an esteemed design and technology competition.

For further information, please consult the James Dyson Foundation website.