Un opérateur d'énergie incite les supermarchés new-yorkais à stocker l'énergie pour leur production de froid. (En anglais.)

Pour mieux gérer la demande en énergie pendant les pics de consommation de la journée, quelques supermarchés ont produit de la glace durant la nuit.
A utility is offering incentives for certain grocery stores in New York City to install thermal energy storage systems to help better manage refrigeration costs. A handful of grocery stores in New York could produce ice over night as an unusual way of storing energy and working with the local utility.
The program aims to better manage the demand on the grid during peak times of day, like a hot summer afternoon when city residents turn on their air conditioners. The technology to make and manage the ice will be provided by a young startup.
By encouraging grocery stores to use energy to make ice at night, instead of during the middle of the afternoon, the utility can shift some of its peak load and the grocery stores can save money on their energy bills.
The company’s software and data system continuously detects when grid rates fluctuate and manages the process. The ice batteries can also provide backup cooling if the power grid goes down, enabling supermarkets to keep perishable food cold during blackouts.

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