Un refrigérateur qui fonctionne au soleil et à l'eau.

Ce réfrigérateur mobile fonctionne sur le principe du refroidissement évaporatif.
Due to the high cost and unreliability of electricity, food refrigeration is an important problem in developing countries. In parts of Africa, food spoilage can represent up to 40% of produce.

Quang Truong, a student of MIT in Boston has developed The Evaptainers, an electricity-free and mobile fridge, using evaporative cooling technology.

The system needs sun and 6 liters of water for 12 hours of use. The heat is drawn out of the unit’s interior onto conductive aluminum plate. Wet sand filling in the gap between pots (called zeer pot and made of terra cotta) keeps cool inside. It is designed without a fan or pump to make it light and mobile. It should cost between $10 to $20 and would increase end-user profits by about 25%.

CNN Money (April 2015)