Un système en cascade HFO/CO2 innovant pour des applications commerciales (en anglais)

Un innovant système en cascade CO2/R1234ze avec récupération de chaleur a été mis en place dans un supermarché de 1500 m2 à Parme, en Italie. (en anglais)
An innovative CO2/R1234ze cascade refrigeration system with heat recovery has been installed to provide cooling into a 1500 m2 sales area supermarket in Parma, Italy.

A charge of 150 kg of R1234ze is used as the primary refrigerant for cooling a pumped CO2 MT system, with 400 kg of CO2 then cascaded to the LT system to deliver the required performance.

The waste heat from the system is then recovered to heat the store, provide hot water and cool the store environment in summer.The U2 store has been operational since December 2014. Early indications anticipate energy savings of around 35% over comparable stores without this innovation.

According to its designer (TDF), this system has been designed to take account of all the climate variables, making it advantageous from an energy point of view in any geographical condition even where external temperatures exceed +50°C.In addition, using two refrigerants with GWPs of around 1, the system meets the European F-gas regulation which will ban commercial refrigeration systems with capacities of 40 kW or more using refrigerants with GWPs above 150.