Un système en cascade NH3/CO2 innovant aux Etats-Unis

Grâce à la mise en place d'un système en cascade NH3/CO2, un supermarché de Colombus, aux Etats-Unis a réduit de 95% au moins ses émissions directes de CO2.
According to the EPA, a typical US supermarket has an annual leakage rate of 453.6 kg of harmful refrigerant into the atmosphere.

By deploying a NH3/CO2 cascade system, a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Columbus, Georgia, achieved the EPA’s highest GreenChill platinum status by reducing its annual direct emissions by at least 95% and its global warming impact to only 1% of a traditional store using HFC refrigerants.

The innovative design of this system reduced the ammonia charge to only 0.1 kg/kW totaling 24 kg, all of which is confined to the supermarket roof.