Une crème glacée végétalienne sera bientôt commercialisée (en anglais)

Connu pour ses crèmes glacées au lait, Ben et Jerry va bientôt proposer une crème glacée végétalienne. (en anglais)
Known for its creamy, dairy filled pints of ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s will soon try vegan ice cream.

The company’s non-dairy line, to launch in 2016, will be made with almond milk as a base in lieu of dairy.

Jared Koerten, senior food analyst with Euromonitor International, believes this new Ben and Jerry’s flavour has some definite potential for success. While many have gone away from eating ice cream, as sales have stagnated, or have moved to trends like frozen yoghurt and gelato, Koerten believes this may be something to get people excited about ice cream again.

Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at Mintel, said health concerns are a big reason why the ice cream market saw no growth from 2013 to 2014. However, she stated that non-dairy frozen treats are experiencing better times, as 45% of consumers said they are purchasing more.

As always, taste will be imperative for Ben and Jerry’s launch, as Dornblaser said 70% of consumers look to flavour when making their ice cream purchases.