Ab-sorption 96. Vers des technologies durables. Communications des conférenciers invités.

Ab-sorption 96. Towards sustainable technologies. Key note papers.

Date : 1996.09.17 / 1996.09.20

Lieu : Montréal, Canada


This third volume of the proceedings (see IIR Bulletin 97-3, abstract 97-1907) includes 12 keynote papers of the international absorption heat pump conference, cosponsored by the IIR, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 17-20, 1996. Extract from the table of contents: case study of the implementation of the Montreal Protocol; natural gas heating and cooling perspectives; advanced thermally activated and hybrid heat pump systems; multi-effect complex compound/ammonia sorption machines; modelling and simulation of multi-stage absorption systems; absorption cooling: demonstration and application; new developments in absorption cooling and heat pumping; changes in research and development objectives for closed solid-sorption systems; exergy analysis of sorption heat pumps; fluorinated metal hydrides for heat pumps and refrigerators; linking indoor air quality ventilation, moisture control and desiccants to future air-conditioning practices; mechanisms for the action of heat transfer additives. The papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the IIR Bulletin.


  • Titre original : Ab-sorption 96. Towards sustainable technologies. Key note papers.
  • Organisateur : Natl. Resour. Can.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 1998-2048
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  • Édition : Natural resources canada, canmet-edrl - Canada/Canada
  • ISBN : 0660165996
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    Nat. Resour. Can., CANMET-EDRL/C. R. Ab-Sorption 96, Montréal/Proc. Ab-Sorption 96, Montreal

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