Congrès méditerranéen du CVC (Climamed 2017). Actes : Matera, Italie, 12-13 mai 2017.

Mediterranean Congress of HVAC (Climamed 2017). Proceedings: Matera, Italy, May 12-13, 2017.

Date : 2017.05.12 / 2017.05.13

Lieu : Matera, Italie


Energy Retrofit is an extremely interesting challenge for engineers, architects, designers. If we focus our attention on historical buildings the challenge is formidable. Many countries overlooking the Mediterranean have a rich historical and cultural heritage. The challenge posed by their energy retrofit is stimulating and, to some extent, necessary. Interventions in historical buildings must be carefully designed and defined both for the existence of static and/or historical constraints, both for use requirements, operational, maintenance and cost. The energy performance of buildings shall be defined on the basis of methodologies which include, in addition to thermal characteristics, other factors that play an increasingly important role such as heating and air-conditioning installations, application of energy from renewable sources, passive heating and cooling elements, shading, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, adequate natural light and satisfactory indoor noise level. To provide answers to these challenges AiCARR, the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration, organizes jointly with AICVF (France), ATECYR (Spain) and TTMD (Turkey) its 9th Mediterranean Congress CLIMAMED with the main scope “Retrofit of historical buildings in mediterranean area”. In addition to the presence of international speakers (engineers, architects, esigners and manufacturers alike can share information and expertise), we will organize a series of workshops, some of which specifically dedicated to aspects of the renovation. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to join us in Matera for the 2017 edition of CLIMAMED.

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  • Titre original : Mediterranean Congress of HVAC (Climamed 2017). Proceedings: Matera, Italy, May 12-13, 2017.
  • Organisateur : AiCARR, AICVF, TTMD
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