Développement d'une méthode pour la purification du xénon liquide utilisant une pompe cryogénique centrifuge.

[In Japanese. / En japonais.]

Auteurs : MIHARA S., HARUYAMA T., IWAMOTO T., et al.

Type d'article : Article


The authors developed a new type of photon detector for an experiment to search for muons decaying into a positron and a gamma ray. In this experiment, the photon detector utilizes liquid xenon as the scintillation material. Good transparency of this fluid is required in order to gain the highest performance out of the detector. Impurities like water and oxygen must be removed efficiently for this purpose. The authors have developed a new purification system, dedicated to removing water from liquid xenon, by employing a cryogenic centrifugal pump and molecular sieves. The performance of the system is described in the article.


  • Titre original : [In Japanese. / En japonais.]
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2006-2762
  • Langues : Japonais
  • Source : Journal of the Cryogenic Society of Japan - vol. 40 - n. 12
  • Date d'édition : 2005


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