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Étude expérimentale de l’électropulvérisation pour le traitement des gaz d'échappement. 

Experimental study of electrospray for exhaust gas treatment.

Numéro : 3236

Auteurs : KIM S., JUNG M., JEONG S., KU D., BAE S., SEO G., KIM M.


The demand for high-efficiency dust collectors has rapidly increased to remove particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gas emission facilities, such as thermal power plants, steel mills, and industrial cogeneration plants, as the permission standards have been strengthened. Electrospray gas treatment technology is a promising method due to high-performance for PM removal and low water consumption rather than scrubbers and wet ESP. It is an atomization technique that only requires DC voltage and negligible pressure/pumping power to maintain the spray. The spray conditions of electroscrubbers have been studied are not suitable to treat the actual exhaust gas. For dust removal, the flow rate over 10 mL/min per nozzle is required, which ranges hundreds of times in typical electrospray fields. The electrospray of high flow rate has a completely different spray shape from the low flow rate condition, and it was visualized through various figures such as corona discharge photographs and shadow images. The corona discharge caused by the high-electric field strength can increase the removal efficiency of charged dust particles, and the removal efficiency was expected to be high as the corona discharge current increased with the high-applied voltage, flow rate, and electrical conductivity of the liquids. However, at voltages above a certain range, spark discharges occurred and proceed to arc discharge (short circuits). As a result of the PM removal performance evaluation based on optimal operating conditions derived from the experiments, the removal efficiency of PM10 was 99.65%, PM2.5 was 97.59%, and PM1.0 was 90.95%. Through this study, it has the potential to be practical reference for the electroscrubber in actual plants.

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  • Titre original : Experimental study of electrospray for exhaust gas treatment.
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  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : 2022 Purdue Conferences. 7th International High Performance Buildings Conference at Purdue.
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