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Froid magnétique à haute efficacité utilisant l'holmium.

High-efficiency magnetic refrigeration using holmium.

Auteurs : TERADA N., MAMIYA H.

Type d'article : Article de périodique


Magnetic refrigeration (MR) is a method of cooling matter using a magnetic field. Most research to date has employed high magnetic fields (at least 5 T) to obtain a large entropy change, which requires a superconducting magnet and, therefore, incurs a large energy cost. This study proposes an alternative highly efficient cooling technique in which small magnetic field changes can achieve a cooling efficiency which is higher than what has been achieved using typical magnetocaloric materials. Their method uses holmium, which exhibits a steep magnetization change with varying temperature and magnetic field. The proposed technique can be implemented using permanent magnets, making it a suitable alternative to conventional gas compression–based cooling for hydrogen liquefaction.



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