Les HFC ou les vieux frigorigènes, quel est le meilleur choix ?

HFCs or the old refrigerants, what is the best choice?

Auteurs : HALOZAN H.


Since January 1, 1996, the production of CFCs is forbidden in the developed countries, and for HCFCs a phase-out schedule until 2030 - in the EU until 2015 - exists. In some countries, even more rigid phase-out schedules have been decided: the EU will phase out R-134a for automotive air conditioning and Denmark and Austria want to phase out HFCs due to their global warming potential. But what are the alternatives and what is their impact on the climate change? The alternatives are the old refrigerants, substances like ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and CO2. The selection criteria for refrigerants have to cover efficiency, safety, and environmental acceptability. The environment expressed by the TEWI, i.e. refrigerant losses during lifetime and CO2 emissions caused by the production of the drive energy become very important: In this context efficiency gets the highest priority, and efficiency, as can be demonstrated, is mainly the result of the right refrigerant, technology development and the correct integration of units into systems.


  • Titre original : HFCs or the old refrigerants, what is the best choice?
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  • Source : Technological innovations in air-conditioning and refrigeration industry + CD-ROM.
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