Modélisation de la performance d'un compresseur à spirale à entraînement par moteur à vitesse variable.

Modelling on the performance of an inverter driven scroll compressor.


These proceedings contain 149 papers of this 14th biennial conference, co-sponsored by the IIR, which was held in parallel with the International Refrigeration Conference at Purdue University, USA, July 14-17, 1998. Four additional papers from the 1996 conference have also been included. General themes: lubrication, bearings, sealing, new refrigerants; various designs, applications; valve mechanics and design; automotive compressors; sound and vibration, gas pulsations; electromotors, electrical devices; rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps; scroll compressors; screw compressors; rolling piston compressors; reciprocating compressors; centrifugal and axial dynamic compressors; heat transfer, thermodynamics. Most of the papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the IIR Bulletin. These proceedings are on sale at the IIR.


  • Titre original : Modelling on the performance of an inverter driven scroll compressor.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 1999-3489
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : Proceedings of the 1998 International Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue (ICECP 1998).
  • Date d'édition : 14/07/1998
  • Document disponible en consultation à la bibliothèque du siège de l'IIF uniquement.


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