Récupération d'énergie thermique grâce à des pompes à chaleur.

Rekuperacija toplotne enrgije primenom toplotne pumpe.

Auteurs : NYERS J. M., NYERS A., NYERS L., et al.


This paper deals with a system for waste water heat recovery. One surface heat exchanger and two heat pumps are directly involved in heat recovery. The above-mentioned components are connected in order. Clean water is obtained from the well, from a depth of 40 m, and water is heated from 14 to 50°C. Waste water is cooled down from 45 to 13°C. The flow rate of clean and waste water is equal and simultaneous. By this heat recovery process, a very high energy quality coefficient of approximately 85% is achieved.

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Pages : pp. 103-109


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  • Titre original : Rekuperacija toplotne enrgije primenom toplotne pumpe.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2010-0269
  • Langues : Serbe
  • Source : Zbornik radova. 40. Medunarodni kongres o grejanju, hladenju i klimatizaciji./ Proceedings. 40th International congress on HVAC&R.
  • Date d'édition : 02/12/2009


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