Solution à haute efficacité énergétique pour les unités de condensation équipées de compresseurs à courant continu.

High energy efficiency solution for condensing units fitted with DC compressors.

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Auteurs : TONIN G.


The increasing number of systems installed in small stores, such as C-stores, service stations, small discount supermarkets and corner shops, together with strict new standards in force in terms of energy efficiency, represent a situation that supermarket chains and the refrigeration industry as a whole can draw advantage from. The refrigeration industry faces the challenge of bringing high energy efficiency to smaller stores, while supermarket chains are looking for solutions that can guarantee a quick return on the initial investment, with considerable reductions in running costs. One innovative solution for these types of stores involves the use of high energy efficiency condensing units fitted with DC compressors. The load profile in these applications varies quite considerably, and indeed most of the time the condensing unit operates in part load conditions. In response, DC compressors offer wide capacity modulation, ensuring excellent energy efficiency in any conditions, and especially at low load, when compared to other technologies. DC technology is also intrinsically more energy efficient due to the use of permanent magnet rotors. Another distinctive feature of this solution is the possibility to connect the main unit controller with each refrigerated unit in the store (showcases or cold rooms). Continuous communication between the different units means the system can implement intelligent algorithms, for example by adapting operating conditions in order to achieve the highest performance at all times. This fine control of both the condensing unit and the refrigerated units ensures high quality food preservation and temperature stability. Significant results in terms of energy savings have been measured both on real working systems and in laboratory tests. This paper will present a comparison between DC and ON-OFF technology, highlighting energy performance and operation at part loads. In accordance with the new F-Gas regulation in force as of 2014, with the objective of reducing the use of HFC refrigerants by 79% before 2030, the proposed solution also needs to be able to use natural refrigerants such as CO2, thus representing a truly effective response to the new requirements.

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  • Titre original : High energy efficiency solution for condensing units fitted with DC compressors.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 30015504
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : Le ultime tecnologie del freddo e del condizionamento. Atti del 16° Convegno Europeo: June 12-13, 2015, Milano, Italia.
  • Date d'édition : 12/06/2015


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