Un système frigorifique innovant.

A novel refrigeration system.

Auteurs : VERDE G.

Type de monographie : Thèse


The main inefficiency in a common thermal working machine is the expansion valve, which allows to pass the refrigerant liquid from the low pressure blow pressure without using the potential energy available. This research adopts a special technique based on power regeneration for internal cycles, in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Innovation is therefore linked to the insertion of a heat exchanger for the recovery of energy and an alternator within a conventional refrigeration system. Applying this device results in a high improvement in energy efficiency and refrigeration capacity. Both of these effects increase when the operating temperature and the evaporation temperature decrease. In addition, an advantageous object of the present invention is the insertion of an electric charge accumulator comprising an automatic timed control system for switching off the electric circuit, which guarantees the possibility of economically benefiting the multi-hour tariff electric energy.

This thesis has been depth with experience. The focus of this document is based on the right multiple choices of the components.

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