Chine: une transition directe des HCFC aux frigorigènes naturels ?

Parmi les 12 alternatives aux HCFC figurant dans le catalogue publié par le Ministère de la Protection de l'Environnement chinois, dix sont des fluides naturels.
Released for public consultation in June 2015 by China’s Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the First Catalogue of Recommended Substitutes for HCFCs lists 12 substitutes for HCFC refrigerants, foaming agents and detergents, ten of which are natural chemicals including CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons and water.

According to market intelligence firm CCM which collated the publication, the Catalogue is intended to be a general indication of the Chinese government’s intentions and is likely to be followed by more substantial policies promoting natural refrigerants and foam-blowing agents over the coming years.

Only one HFC – R32 for unitary air conditioners, water chillers, heat pump water heaters, and condensing units – is cited in the Catalogue.

The natural refrigerants suggested to replace R22 in refrigeration applications are the following:
. CO2 for heat pump water heaters, mobile air conditioning, industrial/commercial freezing and refrigeration (transcritical and secondary refrigerant);
. ammonia for refrigerated warehouses, transport refrigeration, condensing units and industrial refrigeration;
. propane (R290) for room air conditioners and stand-alone refrigeration;
. isobutane (R600a) for stand-alone refrigeration.