Des pompes à chaleur à haute température pour augmenter l'efficacité énergétique des processus industriels (en anglais)

Résumé d'un article paru dans la Revue Internationale du Froid.

About 60% of waste heat from industrial processes is low temperature heat with little direct thermal and economic value. High temperature heat pump (HTHP) technology provides a way to utilize low temperature waste heat by its conversion to useful high temperature heat. Analysis of the European markets shows a possible 2000 TWh of heat demand across different industries. About 174 TWh of this heat is reachable by industrial heat pumps. In their article* published in the International journal of Refrigeration, O. Bamigbetan et al review the current state of art for HTHPs using vapour compression cycle. Natural fluids are of focus with consideration given to the comparable technologies using synthetic fluids.

This review reveals the different challenges from fluid selection, component development to system optimization. The next step in the development of HTHPs will be on compressors that can operate at higher temperatures and pressure. Technological constraints such as compressor cooling, lubrication, and material compatibility will be important for a functional compressor for HTHPs.

* BAMIGBETAN O., EIKEVIK T. M., NEKSÅ P., et al. Review of vapour compression heat pumps for high temperature heating using natural working fluids. International Journal of Refrigeration [online]. 2017, vol. 80, 14p.
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