L’industrie européenne des produits alimentaires

En Europe occidentale, le marché de la viande transformée équivaut à 117,3 milliards d'euros, soit 10,6 % du marché agroalimentaire mondial d'une valeur de 1111 milliards d'euros.
The food industry is the main industrial sector within the EU-27. In particular, the processed meat market in Western Europe is worth EUR 117.3 billion, some 10.6 % of the overall food and drink market of EUR 1111 billion (European Commission, Enterprise and Industry, 2011).

 More than 800 companies are involved in this market across Europe, employing hundreds of thousands of people and contributing to the economy and rural sustainability of European regions. It is thus a small and medium enterprises (SME) intensive sector. Within the food industry, the meat industry is the main industrial sector in countries like Spain, generating around 20 % of the product sales and 23 % of total employment (Food for Thought, 2009).

Source: CORDIS