La chaîne du froid des produits réfrigérés en France

Les résultats d'une étude sur la chaîne du froid en France menée dans le cadre du projet FRISBEE ont été publiés dans la Revue Internationale du Froid.
Results of a cold chain study in France carried out in 2013 within the European FRISBEE project and published in the International Journal of Refrigeration confirmed results observed in previous work from 2002.

These were: the most sensitive links are transportation after purchase, chiefly storage in a household refrigerator and the preservation of products at home is still a problematic.
Interesting figures show that the product mean temperatures of refrigerated transport, logistic platform, cold rooms and display cabinets were between 0 and 4°C.
However, the mean temperatures of transport after purchase and domestic refrigerator were respectively 6.5 and 6.3°C well above the recommended temperature.

To obtain those results for the purpose of this study, an explicative notice was placed in a well-sealed plastic bag, along with prepaid envelope containing the temperature recorder.
By returning the logger, the consumers were awarded of a voucher of €5.

Cold chain of chilled food in France, E. Derens-Bertheau et al., International Journal of Refrigeration 52 (2015) 161-167

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