Le marché des produits surgelés aux États-Unis et en Europe

Aux États-Unis, les ventes de produits surgelés ont atteint environ 53 milliards de dollars en 2016,
  • In the USA, frozen food sales came to about USD 53 billion in 2016, up from USD 50.4 billion in 2013. Ice cream and frozen novelties were the best-selling items at USD 2.6 billion.
  • In Europe, Germany was the most important frozen food market in 2015, with a market value of 8.8 billion euros and a market share of 21%, followed by the United Kingdom (8.6 billion euros, 20%), France (5.5 billion euros, 13%) and Italy (5 billion euros, 12%). Frozen ready meals and ice creams had the largest market share (respectively 28% and 22% of the total sales value).