Meubles frigorifiques de vent:: économiser de l'énergie sans porte (en anglais).

Des meubles frigorifiques de vente, sans portes en verre et intégrant un nouveau système de gestion du flux d'air breveté, ont été installés dans un nouveau magasin Tesco au Royaume-Uni.
Refrigerated display cabinets, without glass doors and incorporating a new patented airflow management system, have been installed at a new Tesco Extra eco store in UK.

Adande Refrigeration’s Aircell technology is designed for open front refrigerated multi deck cabinets, achieving impressive energy savings without the need to fit physical barriers, such as glass doors.

Two 2.5m refrigerated display cabinets have been installed at the store for the display of sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks. The design of the new 24000m² Tesco Extra eco store features roof lights which flood the store with natural light, a CO2 refrigeration system and a heat recovery system, which takes heat generated by the refrigeration units and re-circulates it back through the store. It is also the first Tesco Extra store which uses only LED lights.

The Aircell concept avoids the need to fit physical barriers, such as glass doors, to the front of multi deck cabinets to achieve energy savings. It divides standard retail cabinets into a series of air-flow managed cells with short air curtains. Consequently, there is less pressure on the air curtain of each cell, resulting in a substantial reduction in cold air spillage from the case. The fact that less cold air spills from the cabinet also reduces cold aisle syndrome.