NFRC: a new centre for natural refrigerants in Pakistan

In April 2012, the Natural Fluids Refrigeration Centre was inaugurated in Topi, Pakistan.
The Natural Fluids Refrigeration Centre (NFRC) is the result of a partnership between GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology in collaboration with Isotherm, Inc. USA.

It serves as a R&D hub for natural refrigerants and an initial and ongoing training centre. The R&D hub covers all aspects of refrigeration technologies (i.e. compressors, heat exchangers, regulation, piping, new materials and metallurgy) and has been actively conducting research on the thermal-hydraulic characteristics of highly efficient heat exchangers using natural refrigerants.
It is equipped with a modular test facility allowing for several types of experiments on various refrigerants in different types of single and two-phase applications. It also can offer hands-on training in natural refrigerant-based technology and short courses for professional engineers.