Nouvelle installation à température contrôlée à l'aéroport international de Memphis (en anglais)

FedEx Express innove en créant une nouvelle installation d'entreposage frigorifique.
FedEx Express is breaking ground on a new cold-storage facility for shipments ranging from life-saving bone marrow to pharmaceuticals to flowers and foods.

Officials said the company would spend USD 20 to 25 million to build an 8200 m2 building for cold-chain shipments, heavyweight freight pickup and delivery at Memphis International Airport (USA).

The cold-chain facility is designed to cater to a USD 1 trillion global trade in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

The cold facility will have flexible wall systems allowing perishable items such as food or flowers to be segregated from high-value shipments such as pharmaceuticals and bioscience products. It is expected to be finished by November 2014.