Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF : Linde (en anglais)

Linde affirme que la congélation cryogénique permet aux fabricants de biscuits de produire un produit plus consistant. (en anglais)
Linde claims cryogenic freezing allows cookie manufacturers to produce a more consistent product.

Mark DiMaggio, Head of food and beverage at Linde LLC, said raw cookie dough can vary in temperature which can adversely impact the repeatability of the slicing and shaping of cookies. This can be especially disruptive for high production capacities.
According to DiMaggio, using in-line cryogenic processing with liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen will save costs and enhance speed, efficiency and space, compared to other methods of chilling.

Using the example of Linde’s Cryoline XF spiral freezer, DiMaggio said that the system can help create a more consistent temperature for the product, along with a reduced operating cost. With consistent temperatures, the product quality is more consistent, allowing for the best possible outcome for the final product, he said.

With bakers and manufacturers moving into new geographic areas and extending their distribution channels with new products, DiMaggio thinks that cryogenic freezing solutions are more important than ever.

“Cryogenic processing, in general, means a bakery can chill or freeze significantly more in the same space, and floor space is often at a premium in a flourishing operation,” he said. “In-line cryogenic freezers also can help reduce or eliminate the time required in holding freezers, which can reduce labor and other operating costs.”

In addition, cryogenic freezing can give brands better consistency across their products and make food safety easier, as the freezers give full access to all food contact areas for easier cleaning.