Un guide des bonnes pratiques pour l'utilisation des frigorigènes inflammables (en anglais)

AREA, ASERCOM, EFCTC et EPEE se sont associés pour préparer une brochure appelant les entrepreneurs à se préparer à un avenir avec des frigorigènes inflammables.

AREA, ASERCOM, EFCTC and EPEE, four European associations, have joined together to prepare a leaflet urging contractors to prepare for a future with flammable refrigerants.

The brochure explains the reasons why flammable refrigerants are likely to develop in Europe in the coming years. The main reason is the cuts in the consumption of HFCs involved by the EU F-gas Regulation. The compatibility of refrigeration equipment with the use of flammable refrigerants is emphasized and the importance of safety standards is evoked.

For further information, the leaflet is available following this link. Other documents on HFC alternatives are available on this IIR webpage.