Un nouveau logiciel pour suivre et analyser les performances de la chaîne du froid (en anglais)

ShockWatch, un fournisseur d'indicateurs pour la chaîne d'approvisionnement, a présenté le TrekView Data Management System (DMS) qui, étant hébergé sur un site web, rend la surveillance des produits sensibles aux variations de température plus facile.
ShockWatch, a provider of supply chain monitoring, introduced the web-hosted TrekView Data Management System (DMS) to make monitoring temperature-sensitive products easier.

By storing all monitoring data in one central location, TrekView DMS makes it easy to mine and analyze data and tier reports so the right information goes to the right people. Because the data is stored in the cloud, the most current information is always accessible.

To ensure security, the ShockWatch system is fully validated, with password protection and configuration management features. Quality managers can configure a TrekView temperature recorder remotely, even setting temperature thresholds and logging parameters for more consistent results across lanes or product lines.
When the shipment reaches its destination, monitoring data can be scanned within seconds and uploaded into the DMS to generate detailed modeling, profiling, and comparisons reports.