Un système de conditionnement d'air mobile au CO2 utilisant un nouveau compresseur à récupération d'énergie (en anglais)

L'armée américaine a investit 1 million de dollars pour construire et tester un prototype de système frigorifique mobile fonctionnant à l'aide d'un nouveau compresseur à récupération d'énergie qui utilise le CO2 comme frigorigène. (en anglais)
The US Army is investing USD 1 million to build and test a mobile refrigeration system demonstration prototype using a new energy recovery compressor developed by S-RAM Dynamics that utilizes CO2 as a refrigerant..

According to S-RAM, the next generation CO2 refrigeration system could reduce energy consumption of the Army’s mobile refrigeration assets in excess of 50%, decreasing fuel consumption for forward operating bases without using synthetic refrigerants.
The compressor integrates an axial piston compressor with an opposed axial piston expander to recapture normally lost energy and boost system performance.
The S-RAM compressor technology is being developed with the assistance of Purdue University at the Ray W. Herrick laboratories. Once developed, the system will be installed on the Army’s Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Container System (MTRCS).