Une infographie montre ce qui se produirait si toutes les technologies du froid disparaissaient subitement (en anglais)

L'école américaine The Refrigeration School a récemment publié l'Apocalypse du Froid, une infographie montrant les conséquences d'une défaillance de tous les systèmes de froid après des laps de temps différents.

The Refrigeration School is said to be the largest HVAC/R scool in the United States. The school created an infographic entitled The Refrigeration Apocalypse. Its goal is to show the importance of refrigeration and air conditioning in very different fields such as:

  • food preservation and transportation;
  • data processing;
  • space flights;
  • medicine;
  • clothing.

The first effects of a failure in refrigeration would appear after only two hours with perishable foods spoiling. The lack of air conditioning would affect servers and the Internet would go dark after 24 hours. After one month, the medical sector would also be affected: the manufacture of some antibiotics would no longer be possible, and the lack of air conditioning in operating rooms would increase the risk of infection during surgeries.

The entire infographic is available following this link.